Your security comes first.

  • The platform that our site is built on, comes with a variety of protocols to make sure your personal data is safe.
  • We installed an approved SSL certificate on our server - which makes it virtually impossible to hack or bypass or obtain any customer information or card details. You can view our certificate here: SSL certificate

Payment Options

  1. Card Payment. PayU is approved to accept Visa and Mastercard for online transaction, and is widely used accross South Africa. Read more about them and their safety precautions here.
  2. EFT. We have aquired a licence to use IPay service for EFT transactions. Also trusted and widely used by many companies in South Afica. You can read more about them and their safety precautions here.
  3. Direct deposit. You can also do a direct deposit into our account. Please send us a request for banking details.

Both these payment companies / platforms contains their own SSL certificate as well. Security does not get much better than this.