Black sex tea has many proven health benefits, including a better libido and better sexual performance. View larger

Strong Black Sex Tea (20 tea bags)

Strong Black Sex Tea

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Enhance your sex drive and sexual performance with Strong Black Tea. Highly popular and proven to boost libido and assist with blood flow for better erections. Black sex tea has many proven health benefits, including a better libido and better sexual performance.

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“Black tea for sex“

By “tea,” you already have the impression that it is one beverage that promotes good health and provides great benefits to the body. What most people don’t know, is that black tea also helps to enhance your sex life. Below is some more information about the advantages of drinking black tea and how it can be used to improve your potency in making love.

What is Black Tea, and Why Is It Black?

Grown from an evergreen plant that cultivates in warm weather called camellia sinensis, teas are studied and are made with health-improving properties because of this perennial leaf derivation. These include all types of tea: green tea, oolong tea, red tea and black tea. The tea leaves are processed and fermented differently, that’s why they have distinction in color.

For instance, green tea undergoes the least process of fermentation, so it’s embracing the purest form of color of the leaves, while black tea undertakes the most process of fermentation and oxidation, so it’s embodying the darkest possible color of black.

In addition, because of this over-fermentation, the processing method causes the polyphenols, which are present in the leaves of camellia sinensis, to react and transform into compounds that even has more benefits including disease-fighting polyphenols. This makes the black tea inhabit two compounds, thea flavins and thearubigens, which make it blacker, enhance its flavor and provide more health benefits.

What does black tea have to do with my sex life?

Black tea functions as a quick-acting, safe, oral aphrodisiac way cheaper than the popular food and beverage choices such as wine, oysters, chocolates, and the like. It helps to increase and intensify sexual desire, useful in certain forms of sexual problems such as premature ejaculation, decreased libido and other sexual functions particularly of males.

Other Health Benefits of Black tea

  • Unclogs Your Arteries
  • Reduces Inflammation

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What about erections? Will black tea help your sex life? This has never been directly studied, but the answer is undoubtedly 'yes'. The reasons are:

1. Caffeine. Caffeine is a mild PDE5 inhibitor, i.e. is Viagra or Cialis Lite.

2. Endothelial Function. Erections are all about the endothelium, the delicate lining of your blood vessels and arteries that pumps out that precious nitric oxide for erectile strength. Black tea has been shown to improve blood flow.

3. Blood Flow. The same study above [2] found that "flow mediated dilation" was significantly improved as well. Translated, this means improved blood flow, and improved blood flow will almost always translate to a more powerful erection. And lest you think this applies only to those plagued with major cardiovascular issues, another study found improved blood flow in healthy male volunteers.

We recommend that you consult a medical practitioner before taking these tablets.
Store in a cool (below 30°), dry place.
Keep out of reach of children.

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