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GoGirl Lube (50ml)

GoGirl Lube

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New GoGirl Lube outperforms all old-style lubricants and gives you a velvety glide like never before, while at the same time, heightening your sexual experience.

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Ladies – listen up. No more dryness and discomfort!

Many women suffer from vaginal dryness, which is often because of medication and oral contraceptives, hormone fluctuations, stress, childbirth, menopause or fatigue are all probable factors.

GoGirl Lube provides woman with increased lubrication to enhance the comfort and ease of intimate activity. GoGirl Lube has a slightly acidic pH balance, which is compatible with the pH in the vaginal environment. It contains no parabens and contains eco certified approved preservatives. No no chemicals, flavourants or colourants to deliberately avoid any possible allergies.

New Generation GoGirl Lube outperforms all old-style lubricants and is:

  • Waterbased, suitable for use with condoms
  • Intimacy enhancing with a velvety glide
  • Sensation intensifying
  • Created from reassuringly Pure, Natural and Organic ingredients
  • Completely free of parabens, glycerine, hormones, silicones and petroleum products
  • Suitable for all sexually active people
  • Capable of changing your world from the inside

GoGirl Lube is water-soluble and is not greasy or sticky. GoGirl Lube can be used with condoms and tampons to increase comfort.

  • Can enhance a woman's sexual responsiveness
  • Can improve a woman's sexual responsiveness
  • Can sensitize a woman's genital tissues
  • Does improve orgasms
  • Can cause multiple orgasms

Over 46% of women experience little or no sexual satisfaction from clitoral orgasm, and only 25% achieve orgasm with intercourse.

In fact, countless numbers of women between the ages of 18 and 80 are not aware of how it is achieved. An orgasm DEEPENS and STRENGTHENS those interpersonal RELATIONSHIPS, and those RELATIONSHIPS are brought closer as a result of a woman achieving an orgasm. Men are simple and women are complex! Men take for granted what women often times never experience or don't experience enough!!!

Men and women are genetically different and programmed differently. Women want INTIMACY outside the bedroom!!!

The material marketed as GoGirl is not considered a drug - it is a personal use product intended for sexual enhancement, similar to massage oils and related products.

Although the active ingredients in GoGirl (menthol, propylene glycol, and L-Arginine) are included in the USP, GoGirl is NOT intended for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment of disease, NOR is it intended to affect the structure or any function of the body. The labeling for GoGirl will expressly state that this product is "not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation treatment or prevention of disease" and will also advise the user to seek the advice of a physician if she believes that she suffers from any disease or medical condition that may affect her sexual responsiveness.

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