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Lusty Lady Drops 10ml


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Is intimacy the furthest thing from your mind?
It's time to take charge. Become a Lusty Lady again. Electrify your sex life

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Women have more potential for increasing satisfaction and even achieving multiple orgasms, waiting to be unleashed

With today’s stressful lifestyles, balancing a demanding work and home life, maintaining a healthy diet, constant responsibilities and fatigue have a negative effect on your sexuality. Small wonder that all this and ongoing hormonal changes put most women’s sex life on the back burner. 

Introducing Lusty Lady. Made from Pure Jasmine and other
secret essential oils. The ultimate arousal oil for the bedroom. Apply two drops to the front of the outer labia during foreplay, massage gently and watch her become a sensual tigress. Excellent for overcoming inhibitions and lack of desire.

You owe it to yourself to maximize your sexual potential, be the ideal lover your partner wants you to be, and ultimately have the kind of sex you’ve only read of!

No more chore-sex for you and your partner – make it the revitalizing, exquisite experience it is meant to be!


• Increased Desire / Libido
• Enhanced Sensitivity & Natural Lubrication
• Strengthens orgasm and increases the possibility of multiple climaxes
• Intensifies sexual pleasure overall &
• Creates more frequent interest in, and enjoyment of love making

Why not increase the fun with a jar of body paint - you will be up the whole night.

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