Sale! In today’s world, many circumstances such as stress, metabolic disorders, and relationship problems influence libido and virilit View larger

Spanish sex drops natural 30ml

Spanish sex drops

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In today’s world, many circumstances such as stress, metabolic disorders, and relationship problems influence libido and virility, Spanish Fly is popular to help with boosting sexual desire.


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In today’s world, many circumstances such as stress, metabolic disorders, and relationship problems influence libido and virility. With this special blend of vitamin C + L-Arginine and angelica root extract, women’s libido can be increased. The blood flow-promoting effect of L-Arginine adds to the benefits of angelica root extract. The positive effect of L-Arginine and angelica root extract is suited for both men and women. To achieve optimal results, we recommend taking these drops regularly over an extended period of time. With the “extreme drops”, we have doubled the extracts + active ingredients – For more fun in sex, passion, & love!

Spanish Fly is known for enhanced sensation and multiple fast orgasms. The other important features include intense clitoral sensitivity and increased sexual desire. Those who have tried Spanish Fly have actually fallen in love with the product because of its ability to increase their sex drive quicker than expected. Effects of Spanish Fly are increased vaginal lubrication, greater sensuality which leads to great orgasms, a healthier immunity system and a better sex life.

Improves a woman’s natural genital lubrication
Increase in your libido, which will lead to better sex
For Men and women. Can be used with fizzy drinks, or a few drops in the mouth.

The Spanish Fly Hardcore sex drops are effective in increasing sexual desire for women and increase stamina and sex drive in men.

Spanish Fly ingredients

1. Zinc

Our body’s Zinc levels are dependent on the food we eat, but few of us ever get to eat the daily recommended amount. Zinc is vital to the production of testosterone, which enhances sexual drive and also improves overall sperm quality.

2. Maca

It has gained a reputation as one of the most potent aphrodisiacs used in Spanish Fly. Originally harvested in Peru, many of its mental and physical enhancements lead to its libido improving abilities. These enhancements include an increase in energy, mental and physical endurance as well as improved mood.

3. Guarana

A stimulant obtained from a climbing tree in South America, Guarana is almost three times as potent as caffeine and helps improve mental focus, acts as an anti-oxidant and enhances energy levels. It is mostly used in drinks as a stimulant and added to the Spanish Fly for the same purpose.

4. Caffeine

It serves the same stimulating function as guarana. It helps increase blood flow, which is essential for improved sexual performance. Moderation is, however, important since people who consume plenty of it usually end up having the opposite effect of having a low sex drive.

5. Ginseng

Usually known as Panax ginseng or red ginseng, it has a reputation for its aphrodisiac qualities, though it has other medicinal uses as well. Ginseng helps relax the body muscles, increasing the flow of blood. It also helps men with erectile dysfunction while improving sexual desire and fulfillment (it also improves sexual desire in women). Ginseng also helps improve one’s vitality, both mentally and physically.

6. Tribulus Terrestris

The fruit from a Tribulus plant is widely used in Ayurveda for a range of reasons, and it has proven sexual health benefits including use in treating erectile dysfunctionquality of sperm and their movement in men, while in women it helps improve arousal, quality of orgasm and increased lubrication. It also helps improve the general desire for sex and increases hormone levels.

7. Damiana

Research, including that done by the FDA, shows that damiana has strong effects in enabling the achievement of ejaculatory series in men. It also contains flavonoids and arbutin, which help in its positive sexual effects.

8. L-arginine

L-arginine is one of the amino acids used in the creation of protein. It helps relax the body as well as improve blood flow. It is also used to improve arousal and the overall sex experience.

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1 x 30 ml Natural Spanish sex drops

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