Andro Vita Pheromone For women (2m) SINGLE APPLICATION

Andro Vita Pheromone

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  • blend of highly concentrated male pheromones.
  • This blend is lightly scented with an strong spicy scent sure to tempt the opposite sex.

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About the produc
Formulatedmade by doctors, this product contains the highest concentration of pheromones available in any pheromone perfume for women. The formula contains androstenol, androsterone, estratetraenol, and copulins which are different types of pheromones. Each bottle gives around 1 application which is great as most bottles give only 50-60 applications. It has a pleasing scent and lasts for the whole day if you spray it on the pulse points. It has a slightly musky tone but settles into a pleasurable fragrance. This product is famous for its effect on men and how it sparks the romance when used. The spray of the bottle lets out too much product so it becomes important to spray it carefully to avoid smelling too strong. You can carry this product easily in your handbag as the packaging is quite lightweight. t